About Being Fabulous

Hello, my name is Candy and I love selling clothes!

I work to provide you the best quality, kindness, along with FABULOUS fashion. My goal is to bring you first-rate, expertly styled clothing for your everyday life and strive to be the best for you.

I started my business in 2020, because like most women feeling my pain, I had gained some weight and could not find cute clothes that fit me properly. Being a curvy woman with nice hips, long legs, and larger bust; I was tired of always wearing sweat pants. I wanted to look cute. So, I started my own clothing line for full figured women and help other women like me feel Plump and Fabulous.

I feel blessed to be supported by my wonderful man and my two beautiful daughters. I appreciate the business and support and am thankful for you choosing my store and finding what you love to feel FABULOUS!